Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sugarless. Hiney-less.

I have been completely off sugar for a total of 7 weeks now.
No sugar, grains, sugary fruits, or white potatoes. Only Protein, healthy fats (butter!!), small amounts of dark fruits (blueberries, pomegranites...), dairy, and veggies.
The purpose of this diet was to get rid of a fungal sinus infection (doesn't that sound disgusting?).
The side effects:
Weight loss
Cured from Hypo Glycemia
Hopefully cured from sinus infection (I have a follow-up appt today)

So far, I have gone down a pants size (from 27 to 25) and lost at least 15 pounds. I don't have a scale but when I weighed myelf a couple of weeks ago at a friend's, after dinner with full clothing on, I had lost 12 lbs. Now, I am even thinner than that. I measured my waist this morning: 25 1/2 in waist, 28 1/2 in hips.
I wish I had before & after measurements.

My boyfriend is sad about the weight loss. He misses my 'old butt' (don't tell him I told you).
For me, if it was bathing suit season, I would be stoked. But it's sweater season. And now all of my clothes are baggy on me... Boo.

Ahhh accidental weight loss. A problem most people wish they had.

Look at me from the side. Do I look skinny to you?

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