Thursday, December 22, 2011

Necklace alternative

I couldn't find a necklage that went with my outfit today... so I decided on an alternative: pins!

I have a collection of vintage pins from my grandparents (whom I have either never met or barely knew... all of whom have passed away) and I love it when I have an opportunity to sport them!

The top round one is a Harris Fellowship pin. My dad is in Rotary and made a donation in my name to the Paul Harris Society so I was awarded a Harris Fellowship when I was in Connecticut last Christmas at a Rotary meeting in an old Yale building. Very cool experience. My grandfather did the same for all of his three children ( not in a Yale building...but...) so it was very meaningful to me and my little sister. Both of us cried when asked to make a speach about what the Fellowship meant to us.

The middle pin is quite a mystery to me. It is a tie pin that belonged to my mom's father. The emeralds and pearls are real and the middle is probably onyx. The symbol, to me, looks like a club emblum for an Ivy League secret society. Would love to solve that mystery...

The third pin was also my mom's dad's tie pin. It is a coral scarab.

Vintage pins with a forest green belt and an Aslan belt buckle? I feel pretty awesome right now.

Aslan belt

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