Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hairs today

I have a little-longer-than-jaw-length bob. Definitely not long enough to wear up. I can squeeze it into a tiny shaving brush pony tail if necessary... like to keep my hair from getting super oily when getting a massage (sounds fancy but its treatment for a car accident I was in)... but, in all honesty, I should be resigned to washing, blowing, and flat ironing my hair every morning and wearing it down if I'm not going to let it grow out anymore.

I woke up late this morning, as usual, threw caution to the wind, and boycotted my shower & heat tools for a casual up-do.

Braid ahoy! (and too much hairspray for my short little hairs at the nape of my neck)

I did a head band-ish side french braid (like the one I begged my mom to do every year for elementary school photos), and a tiny knot in the back.

Not too bad... but I should have worn earrings.

What time? Valentimes.

Hey look! February 14th. My first Valentine's Day with a wonderful man I love.
  We wanted to keep it low key. 

I made him a card with a vintage valentine that I printed off:

He made me a metal heart on a stand

He said not to show it to any airplane mechanics because it's not air worthy. :)

Our plan was to put a mattress & a bunch of blankets in the bed of his truck and go star gazing but the weather was not conducive. Instead, we stayed in, wore 'comfy clothes', I made a candlelit dinner, we made a blanket fort, and watched a movie.

Chipotle Lime Chicken Breast <3
(I cheated and got pre-marinated chicken breast from Central Market)

getting started with the building
I think he's done this before...
Sans walls. Apparently I didn't get a picture of the finished product.

 He decided that, wherever we are, we will make a blanket fort on Valentine's Day every year.


I have never myself done any decoupage but I have some wonderful pieces that my mom did when she was younger. It is the art of covering furniture or little items (like the ones below) with paper (stamps, maps, photographs, etc) and painting them over with a glue mixture or a lacquer, sanding when dry, and repeating for several layers.

You can find instructions on how it's done right here.

Here are some wonderful examples of vintage decoupage that I saw at an antique mall and will eventually duplicate! :)

Map on an egg timer. Use to know how long to brush your teeth.

Stamped box. Very classic. Very cool.

I ::heart:: Vintage

January 2012

Here are some vintage finds that inspire from the Montgomery Antique Mall in Fort Worth, TX:

Neat lighting solution

Ship's bell. Good idea for a dinner bell.

Stained glass window. This is the first one I've seen that has something other than a floral design. I like the shield. 

Oh I love vintage toys

Adorable deer

Kahoka City Band. Wonderful vintage photograph

Mmmm. Vintage Luggage

Awesome wine corkscrew

Alligator Nut Cracker!

Cocktail pitcher with stirrer

"This room is equipped with Edison Electric Light. Do not attempt to light with a match. Simply turn key on wall by the door. (The use of electricity for lighting is in no way harmful to health, nor does it affect the soundness of sleep)"

I'm a fan of vintage fans:

This one came home with me

What a MUG

January 2012

Interesting collection of mugware.

Mr. Gato

Wright Brothers

The Fat Friar Collection:

Put your lips on that rosy bald head & take a swig. I dare you.


Pitchers and S&P shakers!?

Things to See

January 2012

Ah antiquing. One sees the most intriguing items.
(click on images to see them larger)

French windshield wiper goggles

 Christopher Walken, eat your heart out

On zee head



Ahhhh!!!! Its' Professor Umbridge!

GIANT candle?

Novelty pipe cigarette holder! Yes please!


Mexican Marionette

Teenage Mutant Ninja PEZ

Saw this mirror and liked it until I noticed the dude on top staring me down.

Michael Doll

Now anyone can have their very own Gay-Bar! 
Von't you?



a mammy doll

Ridiculous chess anyone?