Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here Comes the Happy Ending

I've been laid up in bed all day blowing my nose and eating chicken & rice soup (thank you mom!!).
(and thank you and netflix watch instantly for helping me maintain my sanity!)

Now I'm trying to muster enough sleepiness to sleep through the night to be well rested for work tomorrow.

I just watched Here Comes the Groom starring Bing Crosby, directed by good ol' Frank Capra.
I just love those black and white films where every guy ends up with the right girl, all hurt feelings are settled and fixed, and everything is buttoned up nicely when The End swirls across the screen. Makes me sure that life can be simple after all.

Another goldy that I highly recommend is You Can't Take it With You also directed by Frank Capra, starring Jimmy Stewart.

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