Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time for Tea

My four year old nephew enjoying a cup

I really like tea.
It's more than just a beverage.
Brewing a cup or a pot - wether I am slowly bobbing a tea bag up and down while my hand encircles a warm mug and the steam from the water warms my face or I am pouring hot water over a stainer with loose leaves and buds, watching them absorb and expand while the color fans out in tendrils, infusing flavor, energy, and scent into the water - is theraputic and relaxing.
The first sip, I inhale the steam and flavor even before the brew reaches my lips...

Breathe, sigh, relax, enjoy.

That is why I set up a tea station on my desk at work.
It has been most recently stocked by a trip to the Harney and Sons tea house in Millerton, NY.
I love their teas. I love their Tea House.

My Stepmom Kathy, Allison, me, and my love in Millerton March 2012

My Step Mother is the CEO of Prevent Blindness Tri State and we paid a visit to the Harney and Sons Tea factory several years ago to pick up a gift basket that the Harney family donated to a silent auction. Mike Harney graced us with a factory tour. Here we are: My dad, me, and Mike Harney March 2007

My work tea station sonsists of
* a bread box to store extra teacups, tea biscuits (gluten free for me), etc
* a tea cozy to keep my teapot warm while brewing
* a little tea pot with a strainer for loose leaf tea (purchased from Harney and Sons)
* Tea cups and coasters/saucers (I have more than one shape and size to cater to my moods)
* Tea Scoop (1 teaspoon)
* A selction of black, herbal, and green teas

I purchased this bamboo bread box at Wal Mart a couple of years ago.

My mom made me this reversible tea cozy

Loose leaf sampler, Loose leaf tin, sachets

Chocolate Hatelnut Black Tea

Chocolate Rose Valentine Tea

Lovely tea pot

My favorite tea cup. This is from an antique mall in Fort Worth

Matching coasters/saucers from a completely different antique mall in Fort Worth

Tea Scoops. My dad got me the wooden one at an antique shop.

How do you feel about tea?

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