Friday, April 20, 2012

My view from here

Life is very interesting.
I'm in a whole new stage that has left me little time to ponder. To sit alone and muse and wonder. When was the last time I sat alone and did nothing? Should I feel loss at that? When one enters a 'till death do us part' relationship does their alone life go to sleep forever? What happens to facing yourself and truly knowing what you think, feel, and want? It takes time to know oneself. Time and quiet.  Does that mist away and the energy redirect toward knowing someone else?
I do miss the quiet of a life that has been developed and patterned over the span of years. The comfort of knowing where you stand and how things are and what they mean.
My new life is mysterious. It is colorful and wild - untamed, uncharted. It is exciting and raw - rough and undeveloped.
I wanted the change and called for this moment. I had no idea what to expect. I still don't know what to expect.
I don't get to go back to the well worn life that mine was. I don't want to. I do look forward to the moment that my new life really feels like home. Like me.


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