Saturday, April 21, 2012

He liked it. So...

Yep. He put a ring on it.

My darling boyfriend of 8 months and 16 days asked me to marry him today! I said yes.

The skinny:
He took me to the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival in the morning on a beautiful, sunny, low 70ยบs day where we reveled in strolling around and perusing local (and less local) artists' booths: from leather purses to kinetic sculptures with all sorts of paintings, jewelry, photography, and drawings in between.
We relaxed in the shade of some trees listening to the musical stylings a very adept cover artist and were encircled in sweet symphonic samplings of Beethoven, William Tell, and John Williams from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra in Bass Hall. I even got to charleston and shag to the swingin' sounds of Ricki Derrik with some lovely friends before heading to Fort Worth Botanic Garden with my man for some R&R on a picnic blanket under 'our tree'.
As we walked to our spot in the garden, butterflies fluttered all around us like I've never seen before. He didn't wait long after we set up our blanket before pulling out the ring.
As soon as I saw the box I burst into tears. We both cried and hugged and blubbered so much that later we had to ask each other, "did you actually ask me?!" and "Did you say yes??". Once he got the ring on the correct finger on the correct hand (there was some confusion there in the emotional commotion) and after much hugging and tear wiping, he revealed to me that his sister was hiding behind a tree taking pictures of us. She hugged and congratulated us and shot a few more photos before leaving us to smile at my left hand and each other.

We decided to head back downtown to meet back up with our friends (or so I thought) so we headed back to the car and were again enveloped in flocks of butterflies. Steven shot some photos of me and my ring with the little darlings.

He turned the incorrect way for heading downtown and confessed that we were not going back but were heading to his apartment where our families and a few close friends were gathered for a BBQ to celebrate the occasion.

After the excitement of the day, it was clear to me that I would not be drifting off to sleep right away so I shot a few photos of the ring.

It was purchased in 1947 for Steven's late maternal grandmother. It is gold with white gold settings. The wedding band is still attached. We decided to leave it on and add our own wedding band from metal and stones from one of my late maternal grandmother's rings.

I like to imagine what it was like for Steven's grandfather to go to the jeweler in the late 1940s to pick out and invest in the ring that would change his life forever. And just changed mine.


  1. Love the ring. How about a photo of him? or both of you? Congratulations again! Aunt Debby

  2. Caitlin, congratulations!I agree that photos of the two of you would be great. Love is a wonderful thing. Uncle Charlie

  3. Such a sweet proposal!! :) :) And the fact that his sister took pictures, oh you will treasure those for years to come!