Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decking The Halls: diy Wreath Instructions

As I mentioned, this is my first married Christmas and the first time I've had my own space to decorate. I have finals this week so I've been going nutso getting papers written and projects finished so my hall decking is coming along slowly and intermittently. Our beautiful tree stood bare for at least a week before I had time to decorate it.

I did make time to make a wreath out of the scraps I snagged from the Christmas tree lot! So maybe I should have been doing homework but a girl's gotta have priorities!

I was inspired by this wreath that I found on Pinterest and figured out how to make it happen with what I have.

In addition to the cuttings from the tree farm I gathered some sticks and stole trimmed some holly from the bushed in front of my office building.

Wreath frame (if desired)
Florist wire
Greenery of choice (it uses more than you may think so get plenty!)
Heavy duty scissors or wire cutters

Step 1: Lay down a sheet or newspaper for a work area and clip greenery to smaller pieces that are ready to be wired on to your frame.

Step 2: Start with wreath frame or wire some sticks of roughly the same length together. Do your best to make sure the frame is very secure.

Step 3: Begin wiring greenery pieces onto your frame. It is best to keep all your greenery facing the same direction, rotating your frame as you make your way around it.
This step should be where the fullness of your wreath is determined. I didn't make mine as full as I wanted here so I had to keep adding greenery later which was much harder to make look good.
The more your greens overlap, the thicker and fuller your wreath will be.

Step 4: Wire on sticks.
Lay the sticks on your wreath and play around with placement so you know where each one is going before you start wiring them in place.
This was a little tricky to find a secure spot to wire them without smashing the greenery. It should be secure but, unless your wreath needs to stand up to heavy winds, the sticks can be a little wiggly.

Step 5: Hold up wreath and examine from different angles and fill in any thin spots with more greenery.

Step 6: Add berries and other accent greenery or additional adornment.

At this point you can use wire or string to add a hanging tab on the back. I have a wreath hanger that I just hooked onto the wreath frame.

Happy Hall Decking!


  1. I love love LOVE this wreath! So amazing.

    1. Thank you, Dominique! I'm very pleased with how it turned out!