Friday, May 4, 2012


My 5yr old nephew got a MONSTER sunburn.
His parents are out of town and my mom is babysitting so I went over there on my way to work today to help her treat it.
It is very blistered and the whole area is very rough.
I learned a natural burn treatment from a friend of my sister. I call it Indri's Treatment. My sister lives in a girl's boarding house in Boston, Mass with girls from all over the world. One evening she had a votive candle go crazy on her desk and in her haste to blow it out had wax splash all over her face and eyelids. Indri, (who is from Indonesia) came to her aid gathering ingredients from the other girls and treated the burn. It was 3rd degree and blistering badly. After the treatment, prayer from me and my mom, and a night of sleep, my sister woke up to the skin on her face almost completely healed and softer than it ever has been.

This is what Indri did:
1) Applied an egg yolk to the burn and fanned until the egg had warmed up
2) wash off with cool water
3) Applied thin slices of cucumber and fanned until they became warm and removed
4) Applied plain greek yogurt with honey and fanned until the yogurt was warm
5) wash off with cool water
Then my sister applied some burn ointment from another housemate who is from Russia.

I scaled the treatment up to use on my nephew's entire torso and down his arms a little bit.
He doesn't like gross things touching him so he was unhappy with thought of those food ingredients being all over him (except he thought the cucumber was a little funny).

Applying Cucumber slices

He wanted a picture so he could see what he looked like with cucumbers all over him
 After 'Indri's treatment' I applied Burt's Bees After Sun Soother.
I rushed off to work after so I haven't seen how his burn has improved, but he seemed happier when I left.

Here is Indri and my sister:

Thank you Indri! :)

Update 5/7/12
The treatment worked great. My nephew was happy and playing all day (still couldn't wear a shirt but he didn't care). He slept deeply  through the night, whereas the night before the treatment his burn was too painful for him to lie down or even to lean forward on pillows so he sat up and slept fitfully and very little. The blisters started to drain and heal the next day and he didn't complain about pain at all. I was even able to give him a haircut which is laborious on a good day. :)

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