Monday, May 7, 2012

All on Wedding

Wedding pin of the day:

Pinned here I love the look and feel of this barn! So simple and family.

Wedding idea of the day:
Buy vintage stamps for a stamp montage on invitations.
Champion Stamp is a good resource for stamps.

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings
I played around with floral and airplane stamps of different values and colors for some custom combos that make up 45¢ worth of postage and how much each combo will cost per envelope (This is assuming that my invitations are within the weight limit of regular 45¢ postage) I hope I can work this into my budget!! This is what I came up with:

Which one do you like the best?

My wedding update:
The first venue we visited was the Ashton Depot in downtown Fort Worth.

Pinned here

It is an old train station that was restored. We were disappointed by how little 'oldness' was left in the restoration. We don't feel that they kept the integrity of the original building and purpose.
Consensus: Amidst little things about it that we didn't think were right for our wedding, our decision was mainly beased on that it is too all inclusive for us. We are looking for a blank space with indoor/outdoor options that we can budget and DIY to our heart's content.
We have a great lead on a venue that I have been to before but has just expanded, adding another event space that looks like it could be just what I imagined! :) Hopefully we'll be able to visit it this weekend.

My research project right now is to find hors d'oeuvres that will represent the foods that we each like best. I like potatoes. He likes bacon bleu cheese burgers. We both love cheese.

Something else I've been mulling over, is how to cheeply get/build farmhouse tables for the reception...

Pinned here
Any ideas on that?


  1. I like the first stamp grouping with the robin