Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Buddy Fitz

I've come a long way from collecting ty beanie babies (which are all in a box in storage now... actually maybe a couple of boxes...) but I couldn't help but adore some of the more recent ty creations last night when I was out shopping for a birthday present for my boyfriend's sister.
My boyfriend pointed this little guy out to me and neither of us could resist.

This is my new little buddy: Fitzgerald.

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Just two"

... my mom said matter of factly as I left this morning. She packed s'mores in my lunch today.
(We had s'mores last night standing by the kitchen counter together. I overindulged a little... I always tend to want s'more... she kindly legislated a limit for my midday s'more consumption today)

Desk S'mores with gluten free graham crackers and organic dark chocolate

Thanks for still packing my lunch for me mom!

Things to see

January 14, 2012

(click on images to see them larger)


"Imagine the cuddling we could do on that!!" - Steven

Giant vase. I told Steven to go over to it and look small... This is what we came up with.

Antique desk. Little ceramic houses peeking from behind the screen. <3


Ceramic cat anyone?

Hamburger ATM

January 13, 2012

I see this every day on the way home from work. I finally stopped to snap a photo.

Fresh Hamburger ATM Inside

Scratch off to redeem prize

December 2011

A friend of mine got me this mug from Starbucks with a scratch off insert.

I finally carried out my glorious plan to scratch it into a damask pattern.

I printed off the pattern in regular printer paper roughly the size of the insert.

Taped the scratch off paper on the back of the pattern.

Traced the pattern as hard as I could with blue pen (so I'd know where I'd already traced).
This yeilded a light grey outline on the scratch off paper that I traced over with the 'scratcher' that came with the mug.

After scratching out the shapes, I had this wonderful rainbow damask insert for my, now very fancy, mug.

I even scratched a 'C' for Caitlin

Galaxies beyond normal...

December 2011

I set out to perfect the art of paper snowflakes this year. I wouldn't say I succeeded because I capitalized on others' genious... but I really had a BLAST geeking out with more Star Wars snowflake templates than I ever expected to find!!

I even glued the snowflakes on gifts for my boyfriend, brother, and nephews.

Even with potentially dampening distractions of dull scissors and sore fingers on my part, the force was strong at our family gift exchange this year.

Storm Troopers


Boba Fett and Clone Troopers

truly the least impressive: Princess Leia

The Sith Lord himself

R2D2 - my fave

a snowflake of Yoda this is

rebel x-wing fighter pilot

I wrapped my gifts in brown paper lunch bags that I cut up. Then I painted the back of the snowflakes with slightly watered down elmers glue to affix them. Mod Podge would work. I was fresh out. It was a little tedious but well worth it.

I wrapped the girl's gifts the same way but with more traditional paper flakes and tied the smaller gifts with string.