Monday, January 16, 2012

Galaxies beyond normal...

December 2011

I set out to perfect the art of paper snowflakes this year. I wouldn't say I succeeded because I capitalized on others' genious... but I really had a BLAST geeking out with more Star Wars snowflake templates than I ever expected to find!!

I even glued the snowflakes on gifts for my boyfriend, brother, and nephews.

Even with potentially dampening distractions of dull scissors and sore fingers on my part, the force was strong at our family gift exchange this year.

Storm Troopers


Boba Fett and Clone Troopers

truly the least impressive: Princess Leia

The Sith Lord himself

R2D2 - my fave

a snowflake of Yoda this is

rebel x-wing fighter pilot

I wrapped my gifts in brown paper lunch bags that I cut up. Then I painted the back of the snowflakes with slightly watered down elmers glue to affix them. Mod Podge would work. I was fresh out. It was a little tedious but well worth it.

I wrapped the girl's gifts the same way but with more traditional paper flakes and tied the smaller gifts with string.

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