Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Update

I was in a friend's wedding last week and put this Emergency Kit together. There's a few things I want to add for my wedding but this was rather spur of the moment so I think I did quite well. I put it all in a little bin with a handle for easy transport.
A few items were asked for and I was happy to have it all in my little kit! It feels great to be prepared.

Here is my Emergency Kit Ingredients list:
Sewing kit
Fasteners (snaps and hook & eyes)
Safety pins
Body tape/double stick tape
Static guard
Tide pen
Feminine products
Listerine pocket pack
Tylenol or other pain killer
Alka-seltzer or Tums
Baby powder
Blister pads
Clear band aids
Hydrogen Peroxide
Makeup wipes
Hand wipes
Lint roller
Nail file
Nail clippers

Not shown:
Stick on instant hemming tape
Clear nail polish (for runs in stockings)
White chalk (for marks on dress)
Hand mirror
Nail polish- the color you're wearing

We booked our honeymoon flight last night!!! We're that much closer!
And I have an appointment after work today at a Bridal Salon. We'll see!

Love, Caitlin soon-to-be married

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  1. I put together a wedding emergency kit when I was a bridesmaid years ago. I've kept it all together and it has been very handy! I keep it stocked and carry it whenever I'm in a wedding, throwing a party (like a wedding or baby shower), I of course used it at our wedding and most recently it proved to be very useful for backstage disasters! Well worth keeping around!