Friday, October 5, 2012

Wedding Update

More on wedding.
My last 2 wedding posts were pretty bipolar. One stating relief as having so much time, the next lamenting the time I have. Such is the emotional journey of planning a wedding. Emotional spells aside, it has been a great process so far. Mainly due the the AMAZING and talented people that are in my life!
So far my talented friends that have offered their services include:
Cake baking
Graphic Design
Event Coordination
Engagement Photography
Live Music
And these people are not ametures! Most of them do these things for a living!
I am going to have some major thanks to express whan this is all done.

Most recently, I made my selections for the artisan cheese plates we will be serving. I found a great asset in This article from Real Simple on The Perfect Cheese Platter helped me a lot as well with deciding how much cheese I'll need to get based on the number of guests and what else is being served.

My cheesy selections include:

Garlic Beemster (a favorite of mine & Stevens for going on picnics):
Cow. Holland. Similar to Gouda - mild, semi soft

Chèvre (one of my favorites):
Goat. France. Creamy, mild, and spreadable

Borgonzola (A blue for Steven):
Cow. Canada by way of Italy. Blue cheese. Rind is soft and creamy (similar to Brie) with Italian Gorgonzola mold veins

Manchego (I met Manchego while working in fine dining)
Sheep. Spain. Zesty and hard but not dry

Irish Cheddar (Irish cheddar is the best cheddar if you ask me)
Cow. Ireland. Strong, biting cheddar, smooth consistency

Wisconsin Colby (represent America!)
Cow. USA. Mild, similar to a young cheddar but more elastic 

Wedding idea of the day:
Write your own vows

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

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  1. Caitlin, your wedding is going to be so perfect! I'm so glad you have such wonderful support and such talented friends! I can't believe I've missed so many blog posts! :)