Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wedding Update

I must say, I am glad that I have another 8 months to plan my wedding! These last couple of months have afforded me very little time to plan.
In the midst of packing & moving me and my mom, wardrobing a cast of about 75 for a huge production at work, attempting to maintain my regular office workload, staying involved with family that lives halfway across the nation (not to mention the family that lives locally!), trying to stay connected with friends, and cultivating my (relatively) new relationship with my fiance, we have at least managed to nail down our venue (hooray!), get close to finalizing our guest list, interview a photographer,  contacted Mr. & Mrs. Smith to put down a deposit for our honeymoon, dialogue with my dad about budget, select a design for our save-the-dates, and create a wedding planning website.

We had talked about the perfect wedding location. Steven contacted the owner and we got permission to use it free of charge! Our wedding will be in an airplane hanger in a private airport. It's large anough to have our ceremony and reception set up at the same time. The only transition needed will be to move the chairs from the ceremony area to the tables in the reception area. And it is absolutely what I wanted. A blank slate that we can do what we want with. To add to it, my finace and I get to fly away after the reception!

I AM IN LOVE (of course with the man I am marrying :) but also) with the photographer that I talked to. Their pictures are perfect. I swoon at the sight of them. (check them out here)
Unfortunately they are out of our budget range so the search continues. I am trusting God that we will get connected with just the right photographer. That it will be a win/win for both of us.

I created a website through Google Sites to stay connected with the wonderful people that are involved with planning my wedding. As busy as I have been I wanted a place to have all of my concept photos and information for them to refer to. Especially my sisters who currently reside in Boston.
I used the project wiki template and altered the pages to fit with my needs.
Here is a screen shot of my homepage:

Click to enlarge

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. :)

Wedding Idea of the Day:
Wedding Snap App so all guest's iphone/android pics will go to an online wedding album

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