Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Picnic Weather

We don't get much of a fall in Texas, but the couple weeks of clear cool weather is simply delightful. A wonderufl respite from the oppressive heat of summer and the biting chill that gusts in with winter.

Right now, it is picnic weather.

Steven and I have our favorite tree at the Botanic Garden and endeavor to spend at least a few moments on a blanket under 'our tree' every Sunday.

This past Sunday we paused for but a moment in our picnic paradise with some Starbucks treats. But the Sunday before that, we had a delightful repast.

Garlic Beemster cheese, Buttery Wheat crackers (for Steven. I don't eat Gluten you see), roasted almonds, Sweet potato kettle chips, and some wonderful berries. I got a Metro Spearmint water and he opted for a Jones Soda.

I had never had Beemster before and we both loved it!

I put a blueberry in the center of some of the raspberries which was very delicious.

My reccomendation for you: GO on a picnic!

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