Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Year is coming up!!

My one year wedding anniversary is coming up next month!
My darling and I will be taking a long weekend to stay in a secluded treehouse about 1.5hrs from us. We want to get away entirely so we will totally unplug and even read real books (how novel!) as opposed to my nook and his iPad.
I am really looking forward to the time to reset and enjoy each other without school, work, etc.

In anticipation of our one year, I started thinking about fun paper related gifts as that is traditionally the symbol of the first wedding anniversary.

I found some really fun ideas!! Whether you and your hunny are interested in adhering to the traditional symbols or not, these are some pretty things to look at.

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas:

A paper flower bouquet, of course! These perfect peonies by MazziFlowers
come in full bouquets, garlands, and sets of three blooms.

Whether you're thawing out the top layer of your wedding cake or getting a fresh one,
dress it up with a custom paper topper like this one from FirstSnowFall on etsy

May be the oldest idea out there for the Paper Anniversary but it's still valid:
Custom stationary like this from  In Haus Press

Personalized address stamp! You can find them in so many different styles!
I like this one from Typo Boutique

Encourage wanderlust with this scratch off world map!
I've seen it at Urban Outfitters. Also available from Uncommon Goods

Jewelry is always a good romantic gift. This one is paper-ey without being made of actual paper!
You can find it in gold, silver, and rose gold. This one is from MXM Jewelry & Design

For more ideas, check out my Paper Anniversary Pinterest board!