Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mark Your Calendar!

My (now husband) hates the term 'Save The Date'. So we didn't have those to prepare people for our wedding, we had 'Mark Your Calendar's. :)

I was going to do away with them all together because everyone that needed to know our date early for travel plans, etc. already knew so I considered it an unnecessary expense. However, my darling had such a good idea and was so excited that I liked the idea as well that I felt we had to send them.

My husband could be termed, what I refer to as, an Über Nerd. He has extensive knowledge of space travel, past and present, listens to lectures and podcasts on astro physics for entertainment, enjoys tinkering with legos on a regular basis, reads comic books (Marvel not DC... heaven forbid you should confuse the two), etc. I love all of these things about him and encourage him not to hide his 'nerdy' interests. (He also is an avid mountain biker, has his private pilot's license, and has other more active (and expensive) hobbies. I love a very multi faceted man).

With that explanation through, he suggested using a comic book cover with likenesses of us as our Save The Date Mark Your Calendar. I had him pick a cover he liked and my art school sister went at it in Photoshop.

I had it printed on post cards with our wedding date info on the back (I used Alphagraphics and picked them up locally) and we received a huge amount of positive feedback! And my husband was so excited that I used his idea. Win win!!

Here is the original cover that we chose:

The Defenders #4

And here is ours:

Pretty good for amateur work, no? (notice the ring detail)

Here's a pic of us for reference:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Perfect Fireworks-less Wedding Dress

I had a very interesting time with my wedding dress. I was hoping for an obvious, tearful, fireworks moment when I put on 'the one' but I never got that. If this is the case with you, don't feel like there's something wrong with you (or your dress selection!). You definitely shouldn't have to settle, but not everyone has that magical moment. I read an article that I wish I had bookmarked that helped me a lot. It said that sometimes what makes the dress special and 'THE dress' is that it's the dress you've chosen to get married in. It's not always the dress itself that is inherently meaningful, it's the meaning you give it. I clung to that when I was going through my wedding dress journey.

I really didn't know what I wanted starting out but as I began trying on gowns, I quickly started seeing what I didn't want with no noticeable pattern as to be any help at all. I realized that I probably wasn't going to find something that I liked off the rack. It was going to take some customizing before I really felt like it was 'me'. After several dress shop visits, I eventually decided that I wanted a fairly poufy dress with a calf length high/low hemline so I could swing dance at the reception.

I ended up making an appointment at the last minute for a sample sale at Bliss Bridal Salon in Fort Worth, TX. The girls that worked with me were personal, cheerful, and upbeat and, since it was a sample sale, the prices were very reasonable.
I cannot emphasis clearly how anti-climactic my decision moment was. When I had the dress on, I felt pretty and comfortable. There were lots of other dresses that I had tried on that looked good on me but were just inexplicably wrong. Basically, this was the first one I had tried that wasn't a 'no' so I went for it! I was so nervous about my decision that as soon as I got in the car I burst into tears. I think it was partially relief at having that huge decision over, but also how unsure I was because I didn't have 'a moment'. My mom didn't burst into tears when she saw the dress, I didn't get misty eyed. I just calmly said, "Yeah. This one's good". And there it was. The material was my favorite part. It had a natural linen-like quality while remaining sheer and dainty. It's hard to see that in the photos.

The gown I chose: Watters Austin

The dress I bought was several sizes too large and full length with a train so next were the alterations. That in itself was a journey! They made a mistake on the hem and the high and low were not centered. After they removed the whole bodice from the skirt and centered the levels (also waving the fee for the whole thing) I finally had my dress!

The article I read was right. The fact that it was MY DRESS made it so special!! And my husband loved it!

My sisters helping me get my dress on
My shoes are Poetic Licence. I had custom ankle straps made.

My veil was custom made by GlamorByDesign

First Dance

She lives!

Aha! I'm still alive!
I've been married for almost 5 months now and it looks like I'm ready to rejoin the world again. :)
I am loving being married and we have been spending all our free time doing nothing together which, after a year of wedding planning, has been EXACTLY what we both needed.

My excitement has been building about posting all the DIY projects I did for my wedding to the point that I can't wait any longer!
For a little sample of how it all turned out, check out where we were featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

It was a huge honor to be featured as I had looked at a lot of the Real Weddings on the GWS blog for ideas while planning our wedding, which basically ended up being my Pinterest board come to life! (And I'm not ashamed to admit it)

Of course, I could not have done half of what we did without the help of my amazing friends and family. It really was a group effort. I can't say enough what talented and amazing friends I have!!!

<3 Caitlin